Our success is defined by the success stories of our trainees.

Review By Our Students

The achievements of our trainees have reinforced in us the belief that the training methodology followed by us has been the main contributor in their success. We are really proud of the achievements of our trainees. The experiences of some of our trainees who have undergone the training programs at Instaily are mentioned below:


Biswanath Saha

Course: iPhone App Development

I gathered knowledge and developed my skills on iPhone App development by working with Instaily. I liked the working environment of Instaily and it is very suitable for a fresher. They helped me find the right solutions for critical problems. I can say that they provided the best IT training in Kolkata. So, Read More I'm very thankful to Instaily for giving me an opportunity to work with them." Read Less


Kaustav Ghosh

Course: Web Design

The internship opportunity I had with Instaily Pvt Ltd was a great chance for learning and professional development. I am also grateful for having a chance to meet so many wonderful people and professionals who led me through this internship period. Their course can be easily said to be the best web design course in Kolkata.I am using this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude and special thanks to Mr. Vasu Naman, CEO of Instaily who in spite of being extraordinarily busy with his duties, took out time to hear, guide and keep me on the correct path and allowed me to carry out my project at their esteemed organisation. Read More I would like to take advantage of this occasion to place on record my best regards, deepest sense of gratitude to Mr. Anand Singh, CTO, and Ms. Deblina Singh, HR Manager for their careful and precious guidance. I perceive this opportunity as a big milestone in my career development. Read Less


Swagata Das

Course: PHP Training

I was in search of gaining practical work experience. Instaily gave me a great opportunity by providing me the internship where I enrolled for the best digital marketing course in Kolkata. This internship has proved to be a boon to me since it has enriched my knowledge as well as the level of skill through preparation of project. The wonderful infrastructure of the company gave me ample scope for the implementation of my theoretical knowledge into practical work. Read More I experienced a very congenial atmosphere here. I got wholehearted cooperation, valuable guidance and encouragement from here. This internship has helped me to work confidently and widen my area of thoughts. I am really grateful to all who have assisted me in completion of the project throughout the internship. Read Less


Aastha Jain

Course: Digital Marketing Course

When I began my MBA journey, I was quite perplexed about the direction in which my career would go. Determining what job function, role or company I should aspire during my search for a summer internship seemed like a mammoth task. The only thing I was clear about was that I wanted an entirely different work experience This summer internship opportunity was indispensable in giving me an exposure to an entirely new work area and also in helping me foresee my career path post B-School. In my endeavour to get a strong stepping-stone for future leadership opportunities in my career, I remain obligated to Instaily for giving me this scope. Read More My internship has definitely reinforced my passion for Dot Net. It is definitely something I want to do. It was while working in a professional environment that I gained priceless skills and learned other things like a professional. The experience of being a part of the best Dot net training institute in Kolkata has really been priceless. There is immense support, guidance and openness of people here in the organization. Everyone has been approachable and ready to answer my questions or address my queries. This has helped me in enriching my understanding of the technology significantly .The exposure and the levels of experience I gained from being here was incredible. My advice for Interns, "Come and enjoy the phase. Always be enthusiastic and excited about the work you're doing.Also, go to office happy hour!" Read Less


Supriyo Naskar

Course: Digital Marketing Course

Doing an internship at Instaily was a great time and the best decision I could have made for my summer internship. My interest in php, allowed me to get to know most of the operating projects of Instaily. Doing my work, was fun as the senior personnel were interested and open to new ideas. Working together with bright people, alongwith the personal guidance of the CEO has been a blessing. Read More I consider myself fortunate to have received the best possible php training in Kolkata. Additionally, I was exposed to new products like CRM software, HRMS etc. Lastly my advice for future interns, “Just come and enjoy, be ready to use the freedom you’ll get and really work as hard as you can on your own." Read Less


Soumi Pal

Course: Angular JS

I got an opportunity to do a summer training program at Instaily which included a training on Angular JS. After the training, I was allocated a project where my responsibility was clearly defined. During my training I learnt how to do collaborative project using different tools like GitLab, Orangescrum. Read More We have been given a proper industrial exposure. There is no doubt that the training given was the best Angular JS training I could have received in Kolkata. The professional guidance and the dynamic energetic environment were very helpful. By the end of the project I had learnt how to be a professional. Read Less

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