Privacy Policy

Instaily (“Instaily“, “we,” “us,” or “our”) is a company engaged in training students in professional computer courses. The platform hosts different on-demand and self-paced courses within the Information Technology Administration and Development Operations (DevOps) fields. Instaily is registered in Kolkata, and our corporate address is AE129: AE Block, Sector 1, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700064.
Instaily controls your personal information processed for different purposes given here and, unless clearly specified otherwise, takes the responsibility for collecting, using, disclosing, retaining, and protecting your personal information according to our privacy policy standards, this particular Privacy Policy, along with the applicable laws.
From our privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) you will get the information about our policies and processes of collecting, retaining, using, processing, disclosing, and transferring your information connected to the use of the Website and the related Service. When you are proceeding forward, it is considered that you have checked and clearly consent to the retention, use, collection, transfer, processing, and disclosure of personal information under this term of the Privacy Policy.
This Privacy Policy monitors and controls your access to the Service, however, you access it, and we explain the information we collect when you use our Service, the reasons behind the collection of the data, the process of using it, and the choice and rights of the users.
This Privacy Policy is applicable to all users of our services and website.
Moreover, this Website may use links to third-party plug-ins, websites, and applications. As soon as you click on those third-party links or enable those third-party connections, you permit the third parties to get your information or share your data. We are not taking any responsibility for these third-party websites and their privacy policies. At the time of leaving our Website, we suggest going through the privacy policy of the other website you enter.

1. Privacy Policy Acceptance

To access our services it is mandatory to accept the terms of this Privacy Policy. We will require the consent of the users to process their personal data, we will take your consent for collecting, using, and disclosing your personal information as it is described in detail below. We may give “just-in-time” additional disclosure or necessary information for processing the data and practicing a particular Service. These notices may give you clarification and supplement our privacy practices. Otherwise, we may give you additional choices about how we may process your data.
Our Privacy Policy is applicable to all Users according to the declaration in the company’s standard Terms unless there is any other context indication. Our service terms are accessible at
If you are not agreed with or are uncomfortable with any part of the company’s Privacy Policy, you should discontinue access to our services immediately or use our Website.

2. Definitions

“Personal information” (according to the context of this Privacy Policy) indicates any information related to the identification or description of an individual who is identifiable. It also includes, but is not limited to, data related to their name, gender, age, reproductive and marital status, ethnic, national, or social origin, mental or physical health condition, sexual orientation, disability (if any), language, conscience, culture, belief, and birth details of the individual; criminal, educational, or previous employment history of the individual, information related to their financial transactions or in which transaction they have been engaged directly or indirectly, financial status, and any address, identifying number, or individual’s contact details.
The given terms “processor”, “controller”, “supervisory authority”, “data subject”, “pseudonymisation”, “cross-border personal data processing”, “processing activity/ies” used here in this documentation shall have a similar meaning to the GDPR unless it has relevancy to a different regulation or law.
In this privacy policy, you may get other terms with their respective meanings as per those are defined in our standard Terms unless there is any other indication of the context.

3. Information we collect

Personal information in other words is any data related to an individual, as it is described in the above section. It excludes the data where the identification of an individual is already eliminated (anonymous data).
We are free to collect, store, use, and transfer your personal data which we have grouped together as follows for official purposes:
Identity information includes the full name of the individual, addresses, and birth date;
contact information covers the physical address, your and your company’s name, email address, transaction data, and telephone numbers. The transaction information includes the payment details received by you and given to you and other service details that you have bought from us.
The technical information covers login data, address of internet protocol, browser version, and type, setting of the time zone, browser plug-in versions and types, operating platform and system, visiting information, including the clickstream to, full Uniform Resource Locators (URL), visited and searched products through and from this Website (along with the time and date), time for page response, error while downloading, how lengthy the visit to certain pages are, Website interaction information (for example scrolling, mouse-overs, and clicking), procedures used for browsing excluding the Website, and a contact number used for dialing the customer service number.
profile information involves the password and username, orders or purchases you made, your preferences, interests, feedback, and the response to the survey;
Data usage includes how you utilize our services and Website, such as application launches within our Service, detailed history of browsing, product interaction, history searching, performance, crash data, other diagnostic data, and other usage data.
Fraud protection information includes information used to help in identifying and preventing fraud, including a score on device trust;
location information in case of utilizing a device with a location-enabled feature;
Communications and marketing information covers your choices in getting marketing from us and your preferences in communication; other information that you give us includes details like the communication content with us.
We also use, collect, and share demographic or statistical aggregated data for any reason. Aggregated information could be collected from your personal information but is not taken as legal personal data because this information will not be able to reveal your identity indirectly or directly.
We have no policy to collect any data under specific personal data categories about you (this policy includes information related to your ethnicity, race, philosophical or religious beliefs, sexual orientation, sex life, trade union membership, political opinions, health information, and biometric and genetic data). We also ignore collecting any information regarding criminal offenses and convictions.
When you log in via a third party (Facebook, Google, Linkedin), we do not collect any passwords.
You are not bound to give the requested personal information. But you should also keep in mind that if you do not provide the information then we will not provide you with our services or products or respond to your requests. This is because according to law or under the contract terms with you, we need personal data, and if you are not able to give that information when requested, chances are high not to perform in the existing contract that we have or trying to get into with you.

4. How we collect information

We use several personal data collection methods from you including:
Direct interactions. You are allowed to send us your personal information using our live chat option, fill up forms, or communicate with us through phone, post, email, or in another way. This covers personal information that you give when you:
apply to get our Service;
User Account creation at our Website;
Our publication or Service subscription;
Marketing request that you want to receive; or
Give us feedback or contact us.
Automated interactions or technologies. As per your interactions with our Website, the technical information about your browsing actions, equipment, and patterns can be collected by us automatically. Cookies and other technologies help to collect personal information.
Third parties, involve but are not limited only to the Company’s sub-contractors in payment services, technical, search data providers, advertising networks, credit reference companies, or some other parties may be able to provide data, to fulfill the Service or follow legal requirements. For example, we receive personal information from various sources or third parties including:
Technical information from search information and analytics providers.
Contact and transfer data from technical, delivery, and payment service providers.

5. How we preserve and utilize your information

As per our policy, we gather the information you provide us to serve our services and ensure our legal interest. To be more particular, we prefer to utilize your personal information for the mentioned processes in the following part.
E-Learning Platform and our services
We use the information related to our user account that the users provide us regarding the use, sign-up, or the User Account support (like email addresses, usernames, and billing information) to allow you to access the Service, contact, or notification of important alternations to the service. The use is important for performing in the contract between us and you.
Give Information; Respond to our Requests
We need your contact information to respond to your request. For example, if you send us a request to let you know about the offers then we use your contact details to respond to you.
Providing Marketing Communications
We will send the marketing information to you with legal permission through email and phone calls only if you give us consent to do so while giving us personal information about yourself.
After giving us consent to send you marketing information you can also withdraw it anytime by following the instruction of disabling the option of receiving the marketing information. Moreover, you can also contact us if you want to remove your name from our contact list and mailing record. It can restrict us to avoid the marketing content from our end.
You are requested to note that if you choose to opt-out of receiving marketing information, we may still need to contact you for service-related issues and to give a response to your requests.
For our legal Business Interests
We use information related to the use of our services and interaction with the consumers related to Service for specific legal business interests, including the following:
to improve and personalize your uses and service users (including the purpose of increasing the functionality of our service, user-friendliness, and product features);
To analyze and create the report on the trends of the industry on the use of the content and its performance.
to fulfill our social and corporate responsibility objectives;
for internal technical operations/business, including data analysis, troubleshooting, testing, criminal activities, or fraud prevention, restricting misuse of our service and products, and securing our architecture, IT systems, and networks.
It is mandatory to use your necessary personal information for our legal interests to understand how you are using our services and what we can do to give you a better experience with it.
Profiling and Algorithms
We avoid using profiling or algorithms for making any decision that would remarkably affect you without the human review opportunity.
We keep the data related to our uses or any third-party service that we hire on the cloud after encrypting. At Instaily, the secured information is accessed carefully keeping in mind the importance of the information and the responsibility of the accessibilities of the information. So, the best practice is used here for accessing the data securely.

6. Cookies

We take the help of cookies and other information tracking technologies to get and preserve your personal information on our website. It also includes sending advertisements depending on your interest. Cookies are small size texts that the website sets on your computer as soon as you visit the site to improve the efficiency of the website and give your information to the website owner.
Generally, the cookies are saved on the hard drive of the computer. The cookies collect the information and we use the information to evaluate how effective our website is and analyze the trends and our service administers. With the help of these cookies we can check which part of the website is visited repeatedly by the user and what experiences the users can be improved. We can use this information to improve the experience of the users. The cookies are also useful for cleaning the bugs or gifs that are saved in the mail addresses to confirm the response and receipt of the users and make the experience more personalized for the users.
We may hire the service of one or more third parties who are able to assist us in analyzing how the users are using our website. The third-party service providers will set the cookies on the computer’s hard drive of the users to collect information about how our users navigate around the website. We have the service providers analyze the information, create the report and send us to understand the users’ interest in a better way and improve the experience with the users as well. The information collected by the third party using cookies can be merged with the personal information that we collect during the period of subscription for a better analysis of the users’ interests. We restrict our service providers to use the information that they receive from our website other than assisting us in developing our services.
If you want you may not allow us to set the cookies on your system’s hard drive but you should also keep in mind that not permitting us to set the cookies may also obstruct you from using certain features of the website.

7. Way to reveal your information

We assure not to sell or disclose your information to any third party or any other website without your permission, except the legal necessity, and to those who need the information to deliver services for Instaily. Here, you will get the list of the third parties along with the list of their functions.
Service Providers, Employees, Business Partners, and more
We state that we will reveal the personal information of the users to our employees so that we can deliver a better service and we also need to use the services of the third-party to get support, analytical report, and scopes of improvement in delivering the right service. These third-party services include maintenance services, data storage services, payment processing, digital business services, database management, and analytical service providers to help in understanding how you utilize and communicate with the Service providers of CRM, digital advertising services, sales software solutions, and marketing.
We will disclose your personal data to our employees as necessary to deliver the Service, and we may use certain third-party companies and individuals to help us provide, support, analyse, and improve the Service (such as providers of data storage services, maintenance services, payment processing, database management, digital business services, providers of analytics services who help us understand how you use and interact with the Service, providers of digital advertising services, providers of CRM, marketing, and sales software solutions). These third parties may have access to your personal data for the purpose of performing these tasks on our behalf and pursuant to our instructions.
We need to hire the services from a third party to deliver the right service to you. These third-party services include delivering or retrieving records, information, messages, and other notifications to the users to host or provide any of our service components. If we need to provide the personal information of the users to the third party to get these services then we require to bound these third parties to maintain the privacy of the personal data and not to use them except for this purpose, or with legal permission. We ensure that to bind the third-party service providers with legal terms and conditions so that they can not misuse the information of the users and reveal it anywhere without legal permission.
In case of delivering the right service to the users, we may need to choose a third-party service provider who stays out of your country. We need to send the information cross border in that case. We make sure that we tie up with a third-party service provider who has a good reputation for maintaining the privacy policies and security of the information similar to ours. We give you a warranty that you have the necessary permission for giving the above consent.
We may need to share the non-identifiable and non-personal information along with the information regarding the website visitors, and account usage with the third party for analyzing the data. We may also pass your personal data in these circumstances when the information is made aggregated and anonymous.
Compliance with Legal Enforcement Requests and Laws
It may reveal the information saved in the user account and the collected information to court, any regulatory body, law enforcement body, government agency, or other third parties when we trust that revealing the information is necessary to (a) fulfill the legal regulation, or to respond to the compulsory legal order; (b) safeguard a person from deadly or serious physical injury; (c) protect from the abuse or fraud of Instaily or our users; (d) to protect Instaily’s legal rights; (e) to report suspected illegal activity; or (v) to find out the privacy policy or terms and condition violations of Service.
Business Transfers
If in any situation we need to involve in an acquisition, merger, consolidation, reorganization, liquidation, bankruptcy, or sale of our assets completely or partially, your information can also be transferred as a part of this. But we commit to notifying our users whenever any change takes place in the case of controlling content and personal content uses, or if it goes under some other privacy policy. We post a notice on our website or send an email to our users regarding the changes beforehand.

8. How we remove your information

We allow our registered users to edit and correct their personal information on their user accounts. You can also remove your account if you want and for that, you need to contact us as per the direction given below. If your personal information is shared out of our service with the help of other users or third parties and not by us directly then we can not remove the information or change it.
We will keep your personal information for the entire period when your account is active, we need to serve you the services and the information requires for our terms and conditions, privacy policies, and legal purposes. You can reach us when you want to delete your account and our contact email id is send us a formal request for the same. Here we declare that we may use or reveal your information in the necessity to obey the legal obligation, solve the disputes, and or agreement enforcement and authorized business interest.

9. Security measures

We prioritize your information. Generally, we follow the accepted standards to secure the personal information that we received both in the situation of transmitting and receiving the information.
Keeping in mind the relevant technical developments like web services and telecommunications, different protocols for restricting telecommunications, the implementation cost, and the scope, nature, purposes, and context of processing and varying the risk of severity and likelihood for the freedom and right of natural people, we prefer the right organizational and technical measure that can ensure the information security successfully.
We prefer to use different safety measures that can ensure the privacy of personal information and save the information from being lost, theft, misused, altered, unauthorized accessed, or destroyed. We believe the electronic transmission method is 100% secure so can not claim to provide complete security to your information but we try our level best.
We request you to check the online platform through which you are directed for financial transactions or payment information related to our service or reservations or the thirds party service providers whom we authorize. If any suspicious request arrives, avoid providing your personal information and report the incident as per this privacy policy.
However, it is not possible for us to guarantee that misuse, loss, data alteration, or unauthorized acquisition, will never occur. So, we request to protect your own personal data in the best manner. It is your responsibility to keep your pin numbers, membership numbers, and User Account passcode protected and secure. You should not share the details with anyone. If you notice any unauthorized utilization or any other security breach involving your data, you should notify us at the earliest.
Moreover, we cannot give you any assurance of the privacy or security of data that you transmit to us or get from us through any wireless connection or internet like email because we can not protect the information at the moment you leave the information and until we receive it. If you find a reason to trust that your information is not secure with us, you are requested to contact us at the provided contact details in this Privacy Policy.

10. Third-party Links

We may have certain third-party links that we do not run and that have their own privacy and policies. These third-party links include but are not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and other social media platforms and similar third-party links. You should go through their personal privacy policies before providing them with your personal data.

11. Alteration of the privacy policy

Here, we declare that our privacy policy may change after a certain interval. Whenever we change the materials of our privacy policy we will notify you through email or in another way. So, it is essential to register with us and update us if there is any change in your email address as well. If we do not find any way to notify you about the alteration of our privacy policy then it goes under your responsibility to keep on checking our policies to stay informed.

12. Contact Us

You may feel free to contact us at if you have any doubt about our Privacy Policy.

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