PHP Development

PHP Training Course

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An Introduction to static & dynamic website

Is PHP a complete programming language

Understanding OOPS programming concepts

Software Engineering

SQL Queries

Working on live projects

100% Placements Assistance

Certificate on completion of the Course

What You'll Learn

Static Website Designing(HTML & CSS)

HTML embedded codes:

Introduction to Web 2.0

Is PHP a complete programming language

Transition of PHP from procedural programming

Introduction to MySql DBMS

Difference between MySQL, MySQLI, PDO

Understanding PHP.INI file

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Course Content

  • Introduction to www, History

  • Web Programming

  • Basics of Designing

  • Understanding client/server roles

  • Apache, PHP, MySQL, XAMPP Installation

  • HTML Elements

  • HTML Tags

  • HTML Anchor Tag

  • Images

  • HTML List

  • HTML Table

  • HTML Form

  • HTML Events

  • Div And Span

  • CSS Selector

  • Applying CSS – Internal, External, Inline

  • CSS Background

  • CSS Classes and ID

  • CSS Pseudo-Classes

  • Javascript Operators

  • Javascript Variable

  • Javascript if-else

  • Javascript functions

  • Jquery ideas and usage

  • Simple but essential application of jquery

  • An introduction to picture slider with jquery

  • Jquery light-box

  • Form validation using jquery

  • Submitting forms with help of jquery

  • Introduction to PHP

  • PHP with Web Design

  • Variables in PHP

  • PHP Control Structures

  • PHP Arrays

  • PHP Loops

  • PHP Expressions

  • PHP Basic syntax

  • PHP Conditions, Events and Flows

  • Date And Time Functions

  • PHP Header Function

  • HTTP Protocol

  • Array Iteration

  • PHP Multidimensional Arrays

  • Array Functions

  • References, Pass by Value & Pass by References

  • Return Values, Variable Scope, PHP include(), PHP require()


  • PHP with MVC Architecture

  • Ajax

  • PHP Cookie handling, PHP Session Handling, PHP Login Session

  • Email and Security

  • XML

  • Photo upload – single and bulk upload in PHP

  • Files and Directory Access

  • Reuse Code

  • Database Terminology


  • MySQL Database, Tables and Queries

  • MySQL Create

  • MySQL Insert

  • MySQL Select

  • MySQL Update

  • WHERE condition

  • Difference Between Group By and Order By

  • Having, LIKE, AND OR operators
  • Concept of MVC and Some Open Source Like WordPress/Magento etc.

  • Introduction to PHP Framework –Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Yii etc

  • Basic website security like how to prevent SQL Injection

  • Creating Administrator for Websites

  • Library – Image, Input, File Upload, Email, Session


Minimum Eligibility: 10 + 2 Pass

Course Duration: 3 Months


The INSTAILY program has been designed keeping in mind the changes in technology and the requirements of the IT industry. PHP technology is one of the high growth areas for freshers who start out on a career in Information Technology. The training material has been structured by software engineers who have huge experience working on devising solutions using the PHP technological infrastructure.Website development is a very important part of many industries, whether it is IT, MNC’s or SMB’s. There is always a dearth of talented professionals who are skilled at usage of PHP technology.

We have designed the training delivery mechanism such that trainees have a strong foundation with the basics and also the required advanced knowledge which is of use while working in LIVE projects. The PHP program at INSTAILY is delivered by mentors who have a huge knowledge base because of years of accumulated experience. So, INSTAILY is the place if you want to pursue a training in PHP related technologies.

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About The Instructor

Anand Singh

Professional Backend Developer

Designation: Professional Backend Developer

EXP: 6Yrs

Anand Singh, completed his B.E. from Narula Institute of Technology before co-founding Vyrazu Labs. Currently he heads all the mission critical projects related to PHP, .NET and Angular JS. Over the years he has led project teams which have designed and developed successful software products using the SaaS model of delivery. Setting up milestones for the team, drawing up plans to meet them and ensuring their successful execution so as to meet customer expectations remains his area of core competence. Digital Marketing is the latest bug which seems to have hit him as he can be found hanging around at some of its popular forums. When he has time on his hands, Anand loves to hit the beach with friends and family.

Rakesh Nandi

PHP Developer

Designation: PHP Developer

EXP: 4Yrs

Rakesh Nandi, an MCA has more than 4 years of experience in PHP related technologies and has led various client engagements providing technical solutions catering to business needs. He is highly skilled in use of frameworks like Laravel and object oriented databases. His expertise in mapping business requirements and coming up with corresponding technological solutions has saved the day many a times for his project team. Apart from his core competencies, his main areas of interests lie in the world of API’s where he loves integrating third party API’s, optimising queries in databases and implementation of graphs in the applications he develops. When Rakesh is not involved in the world of PHP, he loves to unwind by listening to music.