IOS Application Development

iPhone App Development Course

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In-depth idea, knowledge and expertise in iPhone development

Training on xml and native iPhoneapplication development

Build your own iphone application

Professional Faculty with boost able Experience in Development and Training.

Working with live projects

100% Placements Assistance

Certificate on completion of the Course

What You'll Learn

Basic introduction to iPhone and iPad functionality and Architecture.

All latest updated technologies as per real-time project requirements. (HTML 5 / CSS 3.0).

Training on Xcode Library & Frameworks

Working With Various Types of Views and Controllers

Programming Applications

Students will develop app under the guidance of a senior professional of our team

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Course Content

  • OOP’s and pointer concept.

  • Objective-C: The Language of Apple Platforms

  • Exploring the Objective-C File Structure

  • Basic introduction to iPhone and iPad functionality and Architecture.

  • Familiarization with xcode

  • Declaring Constants and Variables

  • Flow of control of a running application

  • Familiarization with Xcode 8.3 & later - (Cocoa framework, Library, Attribute Inspector, Flow of control of a running application, Hello world program.)

  • Introduction to iPhone simulator

  • Memory Management in iPhone

  • Managing memory & Auto release pool

  • Basic Calculator Program

  • Animation, CA-animation

  • Swift control statements, loops, enumerators, and closures

  • Various types of views like picker view, date picker, Map, Custom table view, collection View, Alert Controller, Popup-view, Custom-Popup, Sliding-menu-view

  • Alerting user, Delegate functions

  • Programs on all types of views

  • Parse URL (XML and JSON)

  • Rest Api with Alamofire(swift)

  • Exploring Interface Builder & MVC

  • Understanding Interface Builder

  • Understanding the Model-View-Controller

  • How Xcode and Interface Builder Implement MVC

  • Building Universal Applications

  • Working with Text, Keyboards, and Buttons

  • Basic User Input and Output

  • Using Text Fields, Text Views, and Buttons

  • Displaying and dismissing of keyboard

  • Screen Orientations

  • Using Advanced Interface Objects and Views

  • Using Switches, Segmented Controls and Sliders

  • Using Image View, Picker View, Web View and Scrolling view

  • Using Toolbar and Tab Bar

  • Using Advanced Touches and Gestures

  • Integrating with core services

  • Integrate iphone app with address book, Email, SMS, Map

  • Playing Media (Audio and Video)

  • Using the Photo Library and Camera

  • Navigation based application program

  • Tab bar based application program


Minimum Eligibility: Graduate/ B.E/ B.Tech/ BCA/ MCA Should have sharp knowledge in C, C++.

Course Duration: 3 Months


There are very few training programs which offer the scope of actually working in LIVE projects in the area of iPhone development. INSTAILY is the program with a difference as our iPhone app development course has been structured to keep pace with the advancements being made in iPhone related technologies. Additionally, we offer the scope of actually working in the projects which we develop for our clients. The future of apps centering on the iPhone platform is an ever growing area which has a shortage of skilled resources with the huge number of apps coming out regularly. In the coming future, this requirement is going to grow as enterprises focus on having individual applications which target their users.

This in turn will require skilled resources who have the necessary skill in iPhone app development. INSTAILY is the place which will thoroughly prepare you with all technical skills so that you can be industry ready as an iPhone app developer. As the mentors are technical people who are experienced solution providers in the iPhone app development space, it is our assurance that you shall be receiving the best training in iPhone app development.

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About The Instructor

Akash Sahu

iOS Developer

Designation: iOS Developer

EXP: 3Yrs

Akash Sahu, a B.Tech in IT is a Tech Lead and devises solutions for iPhone applications. He has a wide range of skills, starting from usage of augmented reality, scene kit, developing real time chat applications, conversion of an woocommerce site into an iOS app, conversion of a Magento site to an iOS app etc. His proficiency in hard core development is the reason behind the success of applications like Tripin2, Maid2order etc. His grasp on the iOS platform is a result of his love for all things that come from the Apple stable. The insight he provides while analysing client requirements and passing on the same to management to take care of the business side of things is simply beyond compare. While not busy with his Mac, Akash loves to play the guitar.

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