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What You'll Learn

Overview of ASP.Net and .Net Framework

Working with C#

3 tier architecture and concepts of MVC

List Controls, Data Binding with ADO Dot NET Classes & AJAX

Forms & Web Application development

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Course Content

  • Net Framework 1.1/2.0/3/3.5, .Net Architecture

  • Understanding .NET Assemblies

  • Base class Library

  • Common Language Runtime (CLR)

  • .NET Assemblies

  • NET Namespaces

  • C# Fundamentals: Basic classes, declarations, conditionals, loops,

  • Array, Strings, Enumerations, Structures.

  • OOP in C#: Class, Object, Encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism

  • Exceptions and user defined exceptions and the garbage collector

  • Interfaces and collections

  • Delegates, and Events

  • Indexers

  • Generics basics

  • Value Types versus Reference Types

  • Operators and Expressions

  • Understanding Type Conversions

  • Value Types versus Reference Types

  • Writing program with If/Else

  • Switch Case

  • while and do/while, for loop and for each

  • What is Static and Instance Functions

  • Parameters by value and by reference

  • Function Overloading

  • Optional Parameters

  • Using Variable Length Parameter Lists

  • Arrays

  • What is System Array

  • Working with ArrayLists and Hashtables

  • .NET Collections

  • Working with Lists and Dictionaries

  • Creating Database objects (Table, view, procedure, triggers)

  • Writings Query (Joins)

  • Data Access with ADO.NET: walkthrough of example

  • Overview of Web Services

  • Creating a Web Service

  • Using WSDL and Proxy Classes

  • Consuming a Web Service

  • Windows Forms: Basic windows programming: forms, component class, control class, control events, menus, status bars, tool bars.

  • Form Controls: control hierarchy, text boxes, buttons, check boxes, radio buttons , list boxes, combo boxes, etc.

  • Listboxes and Menus

  • Toolbars, Status Bars, TreeView & Listview

  • Windows, Pages && Navigation, Data Binding with Datagrid

  • Application Life-cycle

  • Page Life Cycle

  • File & Folder Management

  • ASP.NET Controls

  • ASP: Label

  • ASP: Text Box

  • ASP: Button

  • ASP: Dropdown List

  • ASP: List Box

  • ASP: Radio Button

  • ASP: Hyperlink

  • Required Field Validator Control

  • Compare Validator Control

  • Range Validator Control

  • Regular Expression Validator Control

  • Validation Summary Control

  • Custom Validation

  • What is a rich control?

  • Using basic rich controls

  • Visibility

  • Enabling / Disabling

  • Session, Cookies, View State, Hidden fields

  • Roles of Web. config and Global. asax files

  • Master pages and content pages

  • Implementing 3 tier Architecture

  • Concepts of MVC

  • Concepts of Entity Framework

  • Creating Login panel, user registration, Admin panel, shopping cart functionalities


Minimum Eligibility: Knowledge in C/C++

Course Duration: 2 Months


INSTAILY has a well structured program for those who are keen to make a career using the .NET platform. There has always been a requirement for .NET professionals as the platform has the able support of Microsoft and this trend is bound to continue in the future. The .NET training program at INSTAILY gives a platform for professionals who can branch out into different areas of specialisation after its completion. This shall be a great enabler for the trainees to find opportunities in different industries.

The LIVE projects which trainees shall be given the scope of participating in shall expose them to real world programming situations. All of this shall be backed by mentors who have industry experience in the .NET platform having developed solutions for innumerable client projects. The mentoring shall be classroom based which shall be complemented by hands on project development. If you want to make a career in the .NET world then INSTAILY’s training program shall ensure that you become a thorough .NET professional after the completion of the program.

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About The Instructor

Anand Singh

Professional Backend Developer

Designation: Professional Backend Developer

EXP: 6Yrs

Anand Singh, completed his B.E. from Narula Institute of Technology before co-founding Vyrazu Labs. Currently he heads all the mission critical projects related to PHP, .NET and Angular JS. Over the years he has led project teams which have designed and developed successful software products using the SaaS model of delivery. Setting up milestones for the team, drawing up plans to meet them and ensuring their successful execution so as to meet customer expectations remains his area of core competence. Digital Marketing is the latest bug which seems to have hit him as he can be found hanging around at some of its popular forums. When he has time on his hands, Anand loves to hit the beach with friends and family.

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