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What You'll Learn

Techniques to source high-quality traffic to a website

Understanding Digital Marketing

Understand the work process of major search engines like, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.,

How Digital Marketing Works

Tools of Digital Marketing

Online Reputation Management

Understand what makes the competitors' sites tick and how to get ahead of them.

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Course Content

  • Understanding & Importance of Digital Marketing

  • Tools used for Digital Marketing

  • Basics of Digital Marketing – Overview & Scope

  • Platforms for Digital Marketing

  • Distinctions of Digital marketing

  • Online marketing planning and success

  • Defining your target market

  • What is SEO and importance of SEO

  • Understanding different kinds of Search Engines and it's percentage of searches

  • How Search Engine works?

  • Major Function of Search Engine

  • Understanding Online traffic & its kind

  • Top Tools of SEO

  • What is difference between Directories and Search Engines

  • Understanding difference between Black-Hat SEO, White SEO and Gray-hat SEO

  • How SEO affects website ranking and business

  • Monitoring SEO process

  • Creating SEO strategy for your business

  • Preparing SEO reports

  • What is Search Engine Marketing?

  • What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

  • Types of Online Advertising : Search, Display, Shopping, Video and Retargeting

  • Keyword Research

  • Search Campaign - Creation and Optimization

  • Monitoring a campaign - Quality Score for keywords & CTR for keywords, Ad copies

  • Display Campaign Creation in AdWords

  • Understanding Keyword Mix

  • Google keyword planner tool

  • What is Social Media Marketing?

  • Key platforms for Social Media Marketing

  • Profile Optimization on Social Networks (gain visibility)

  • Company/ Brand/ Enterprise Profile Management on Social Media

  • Facebook Marketing

  • Creating facebook page

  • Increasing followers

  • Advertising On Facebook - Creating And Running An Ad

  • Twitter Marketing

  • LinkedIn Marketing

  • LinkedIn B2B Lead Gen Process

  • LinkedIn Ad Campaign Setup & Management

  • URL Shortening Tools

  • What is Content Marketing?

  • Elements of creating engaging content

  • Content networking & distribution

  • Content optimization

  • Understanding Email marketing

  • Best Practices of Email marketing

  • Writing quality creative email content

  • Using Software for Digital Marketing

  • Biggest challenge in Email Marketing

  • Introduction about Video Marketing

  • Introduction Youtube

  • How to Create and Managing an Account

  • How to Get audience

  • Social Sharing & Comments

  • How to Optimize Submissions

  • Effective Video marketing Strategy

  • What is affiliate marketing?

  • 3 A’s of affiliate marketing

  • History of affiliate marketing

  • Affiliate marketing scenario in India

  • Different ways of doing affiliate marketing

  • Google analytics & its importance

  • Setting your website with Analytics

  • Google analytics fundamentals

  • Tracking website performance through Google analytics

  • Monitoring visitor behavior and traffic sources

  • Taking regular corrective action to enhance website performance


Minimum Eligibility: 10 + 2 Pass

Course Duration: 1 Months


Digital marketing is an upcoming area which shall see a lack of quality professionals for a long time. The growing importance of SEO, social media and online marketing has seen a very sharp rise for quality digital marketeers. The training program at INSTAILY has been devised to address this requirement and prepare professionals who want to make a career in the niche area of Digital Marketing. Several studies have shown that there shall be a shortfall of quality professionals in Digital Marketing as the market is yet to mature. Also, all organisations who have a presence in the online world shall be needing quality professionals with Digital Marketing skills to carry out their organisational activities.

In order to cater to this growing demand INSTAILY has structured a program which includes all the latest trends and knowledge areas related to the world of digital marketing. The methodology which shall be followed in this course structure shall be a combination of classroom instruction which shall be delivered by experts who work as digital marketeers and scope to work on LIVE projects. For those who seriously want to make a career in the world of Digital Marketing, INSTAILY is the place to be.

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About The Instructor

Anand Singh

Professional Backend Developer

Designation: Professional Backend Developer

EXP: 6Yrs

Anand Singh, completed his B.E. from Narula Institute of Technology before co-founding Vyrazu Labs. Currently he heads all the mission critical projects related to PHP, .NET and Angular JS. Over the years he has led project teams which have designed and developed successful software products using the SaaS model of delivery. Setting up milestones for the team, drawing up plans to meet them and ensuring their successful execution so as to meet customer expectations remains his area of core competence. Digital Marketing is the latest bug which seems to have hit him as he can be found hanging around at some of its popular forums. When he has time on his hands, Anand loves to hit the beach with friends and family.

Neha Singh

Digital Marketing

Designation: Digital Marketing

EXP: 4Yrs

Neha Singh, an MBA is an accomplished veteran in the area of Digital Marketing, having taken on many client assignments as a Digital Marketeer and Digital Marketing Consultant. Her core competencies include devising ways to enhance the brand value of organisations by usage of Google Adworks, Google Keyword Planner, SEO, Serpstat and social media instruments like FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram. Neha has earned a reputation of being instrumental in scaling up the brand value of organisations with her deep insight and vision. Her special areas of interest lies in using customer insights to improve business performance of online stores. When Neha is not busy devising strategies for the online world he indulges in music, which is her pet hobby.

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