Android Application Development

Android App Development Course

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In-depth idea, knowledge and expertise in Android development

Most Advance & latest course

Training on fundamental & Android development framework

Build your own Android application

Professional Faculty with boostable Experience in Development and Training.

Working with live projects

100% Placements Assistance

Certificate on completion of the Course

What You'll Learn

Basic introduction to Android application functionality and Architecture.

All latest updated technologies as per real-time project requirements.

Installation of Development Tools

Working With Various Types of Android versions

Programming Applications

Students will develop app under the guidance of a senior professional of our team

Programming Applications

Students will develop app under the guidance of a senior professional of our team

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Course Content

  • Introduction to Core Java

  • History Behind Android Development

  • Platforms

  • Tools

  • Versions

  • Installation of Development Tools

  • Overview of Android Stack

  • Android Studio, IDE and Tools

  • Prerequisites to learn Android

  • Linux Kernel

  • Android Runtime

  • Application Framework

  • Dalvik Vm

  • Create new Activities

  • Understanding an Activity’s state transitions and Life Cycle

  • Intents

  • Services

  • Content Provider

  • Creating Applications and debugging

  • Creating your first project

  • The manifest file

  • Using Android Virtual Devices, the emulator

  • Managing program execution

  • Setting and viewing breakpoints

  • Layout resource

  • Internal storage

  • External storage

  • Using SQLite

  • Working with Text, Keyboards, and Buttons

  • Basic User Input and Output

  • Using Edit Text, Text Views, and Buttons

  • Displaying and dismissing of keyboard

  • Screen Orientations

  • Using complex views like ListView, GridViews, and Recycler View

  • Json Parser

  • Taking & saving pictures

  • Using street view/ satellite views from your android application

  • Android Location based services

  • Getting different kinds of sensors from your Android phone

  • Using Android Webkit for WebViews

  • Using Android Telephony and SMS fromyour application

  • Showing google map in an Activity

  • Map Overlays

  • Itemized overlays

  • Geocoder

  • Displaying route on map


Minimum Eligibility: Graduate/ B.E/ B.Tech/ BCA/ MCA Should have sharp knowledge in C, C++.

Course Duration: 3 Months


The Android app development program at INSTAILY is tailor made for freshers who want to embrace the Android platform because of the growth in the use of Android apps. As a result, there has been a proportional increase in the requirement for professionals who are technically skilled in the Android platform. The course curriculum at INSTAILY has been designed keeping in mind this huge requirement and the lack of highly skilled Android professionals in the IT industry.

The selected trainees shall be mentored by professionals who are experienced as professional developers and solution architects in the area of Android app development. So, the medium of instruction and training material shall be at par with industry standards which covers all possible case studies. The main advantage of going through the training program at INSTAILY shall be the exposure to LIVE projects in the Android platform coupled with a rigorous training program which will make the trainees totally industry ready by the time they complete the program.

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About The Instructor

Vasu Naman

Android Developer

Designation: Android Developer

EXP: 6Yrs

Vasu Naman, a co-founder of Vyrazu Labs completed his B.E. from Narula Institute of Technology before setting up Vyrazu Labs. Devising solutions to complex problems encountered while designing applications is his forte. Vasu has worked on important projects designing the software architecture of complex applications across different domains. Business Process Implementation and Business Intelligence are his areas of specialisation, which has led to the successful execution of several CRM, CMS and eCommerce projects in the software services and product development sector. When not busy with heavy technological stuff, Vasu unwinds by immersing himself in philosophy.

Arpan Datta

Android Developer

Designation: Android Developer

EXP: 4Yrs

Arpan Datta, having over 4 years of experience in Android technologies is a B.Tech in Computer Science from RCC Institute of Information Technology. Currently he heads all Android related work and is a proficient technical architect who designs, codes and formulates solutions for complex applications. Arpan’s extensive knowledge on Google Maps and API’s have been the foundation on which several applications have been developed which use location based tracking systems. His areas of special interest includes Google Material Design, Google API’s and anything which is connected to the Android platform. When not diving into the sea of Android technologies, Arpan loves to travel to far off places.

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