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PHP And MySql

Anand Kumar Singh

Creation of simple yet powerful application based on strong architecture.

No. Of hours 30

Subject Details

  1. Introduction to Web 2.0
  2. Understanding the difference between Client side programming and Server Side programming
  3. Is PHP a complete programming language
  4. Understanding OOPS programming concepts
  5. Transition of PHP from procedural programming language to OOPS
  6. Difference between MySQL, MySQLI, PDO
  7. Understading PHP.INI file
  8. Diving Deep into LAMP
  1. Apache and its components
  2. Learning Major functions of PHP + 3 classes on the same
  3. Understanding Security in Web Application Development
  4. Introduction to MySql DBMS
  5. Connecting PHP script with MySql (small class)
  6. creation of UI for the project
  7. And many more...

Web Design and Development

Learn how to create powerful applications using PHP along with basics of web service creations

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