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Vasu Naman

Will be creating a Responsive website which will work on Mobile, Tabs and Desktop

No. Of hours 30

Subject Details

  1. Understading what BootStrap is
  2. How to use BootStrap as a JSP, PHP, ASP and Ruby on Rails Developer
  3. What is CDN (How and why we should serve bootstrap CSS files from CDN )
  4. Introuduction to Resoponsive Design
  5. CSS and Media Queris
  1. How bootstrap solves the problem of Resposiveness
  2. Underlying classes in bootstrap
  3. Creating some small layout using bootstrap
  4. Understanding more by using SAAS and Mixins (Avance stuffs)
  5. Creating a generic mobile layout using Bootstrap

Fully Responsive Design

Learn how to create RESPONSIVE and SEO optimized designs.

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