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Android Intermediate

Shibaji Paul

Creation of an App which will use WebServices based on Amazon or Google App Engine Cloud and will be using in App functionality as contact book or camera access with Gyrometer

No. Of hours 60

Subject Details

  1. Introduction to Android
  2. Setting up Android Studio and Emulators
  3. Understanding activity and its life cycle
  4. Intent, Initial of activity explicit and Implicit
  5. Threads in Android (descrease response time ) async tasks and handler classes
  6. Fragments and how it can change your app
  7. adding external libraries
  8. Databases and Content Providers
  9. Location and Maps
  1. broadcast recievers
  2. Sensors
  3. Some Common widgets (List and Grids)
  4. Introduction to user Interfaces (keep that into top of the list)
  5. Conception of resourses and how can it be managed
  6. Interaction with Web services
  7. Deployment of android app in Google Play and Amazon App Store
  8. And many more...

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