About Us

We are a group of professional programmers having extensive experience of real world programming and we are deeply engaged and enjoying our technical ventures.

About Instaily

It's really painful for freshers to join the software industry without knowing the actual scenario, the real fact is that, there is a huge anomaly between the academic world and practical world,so we have decided to bridge the gap.

We have discussed and planned to find some time from our actual job and go for a new venture to tranfer our acquired technical knowledge to future professionals, we believe in sharing knowledge and thus we are motivated in creating this education venture as a part-time effort, and we are confident that the interactive sessions with the students will bring us pure joy of teaching which we take as our responsibility.

We take this opportunity to transfer our knowledge to make freshers confident for the industry.

While working in the industry, we came across many professionals who are really fantastic and highly skilled persons, currently working in software giants like TCS, CTS, Amazon, IBM. These people have acquired their skillsets through their real life experiences, when we shared our idea of creating this venture, most of them showed their interest in taking active part as an instructor, therefore, it's a fantastic co-operational activity of professionals by which the freshers are going to be benefitted most, in the least possible time, one would get the most effective knowledge.

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Our best instructors

Shibaji Paul
Java and Android developer

Having 14+ years of experience in development. Udemy instructor

Vasu Naman
Web and Mobile App Developer

Having 3+ years of development experience and founder of Vyrazu Labs

Anand Singh
Expert web developer, digital marketing geek

Having 3+ years of experience. Currently CTO and founder of Vyrazu Labs

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